This is why you should read my blog… Part I I’m a rockstar!


To be what you is
You gotta be what you are
The only thing I’m missing
is a black guitar
I’m a rockstar
– Rhianna (Rockstar)

Hey baby I’m a rockstar!

I know I’m not the only person who thinks that they are a rockstar or larger-than-life persona. I’ve always felt like a rockstar in academics. I’m hyped about creating this blog because I’m able to be a rockstar to talk about issues that I feel are important. Essentially this blog will show my creativity to cover a wide array of topics such as life, liberty, diversity, education, and the greatest of these… love.

For example, I rep hard for my city Pittsburgh! There has been a lot of revitalization in the city but education has not received much attention. I rep hard for public education but recently four high schools are closing in the city due to cutbacks and decreasing population. Right now I would compare Pittsburgh to the 1960s Motown. This was a classic era where great music was being made but only a few singers, songwriters, and execs were profiting. Likewise Pittsburgh is a great city. Yet, we have to make sure that all students are benefitting. Every child can and should go to college. Everyone can’t be Diana but what about the Supremes!

I’ve always shared my thoughts in private but now I am finally getting on board with the 21st century to start a blog. I have studied a wide range of topics for a long time; yet, I have never felt like sharing my rockstar alter ego… until now.

The moment I realized I was admitted to Notre Dame, was one of the greatest rockstar moments in my life. From that moment, I knew that I would do great things in life because someone else shared my belief that I was rockstar material. Yet with great privilege, comes great responsibility. As an Admissions Counselor at Carnegie Mellon, I was able to recruit the best and the brightest from all over the country. I visited the most unlikely places but I was able to find rockstar students like myself. As my mom would say, “It takes one to know one!” I helped these students decide to be rockstars at a rockin’ college… Just like someone did for me. They needed to understand that rockstars deserve the necessary resources to be the best rockstars. A rockin’ college needs rockstars just like a rockstar needs a rockin’ college!

Now I want to take this ability to help others tap into their inner rockstar and apply it to my blog. I want to rock this blog with what I do best… To use critical thinking and imagination to cross disciplines and bridge cultures in order to discuss current issues in a meaningful way. So I can declare with true rockstar style… I’m gonna rock this blog!

PlainSpeak (PS): Read my blog because I urge you to tap into your inner rockstar to realize that you have the ability to impact the world.


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