This is why you should read my blog… Part II You’ll like my symbolism


Symbolism is very important and evident in everything we do. My favorite activity texting uses symbols such as smiley faces and the universal lol, ttyl, and bff acronyms. Tattoos are a form of symbolism. I only have one but it is the greatest symbol that I represent as a Christian… The cross symbol. Yet there are other symbols that I would love to represent in this blog.

The West African Griot, or wise man, would use storytelling to pass wisdom and history from one generation to the next. The Griot would use songs and poetry to inform but also entertain the people. This blog will be my way of storytelling as a Griot of modern culture. I love being at the cross-sections of history, culture, and current events. I hope to bridge multiple perspectives through my writing in order to create dialogue.

I have been blessed to be a small town country girl from Ohio who made her way to Notre Dame, studied at Harvard for my Masters, and now is pursuing my EdD at Pitt. Therefore, I want to put this knowledge and my abilities to the test. It’s one thing to read about life but what about living it? I want to share what I know. In addition, I have been blessed with being able to live in many places like Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and meeting people from all backgrounds. From traveling I have found we all are alike because we want the best for ourselves and our families. I want to also use this blog to dialogue with many people and cover multiple perspectives and thinking. So I rep for my easygoing country folks as well as my urbane city dweller peeps

Through my education, life experiences, research, work, opinions, and intuition, I want to use this space to hold dialogue with readers on current issues. I will use literature, history, philosophy, pop culture, media, etc. to discuss people, places, events, and policies that make our world go ’round.

There is also the West African Sankofa symbol which symbolizes the notion of taking from the past what is good and bringing it into the present. This symbol sums up my intent of pursuing my doctorate in higher education as well as this blog. I want to make positive progress through the benevolent use of knowledge. What good is it to be a Griot without the right intent and the will to act. I want my writing to be a call for action, a symbol that empowers others to enact change.

My family has always joked that I would be a professional student because I love learning and my sister even calls me “Poindexter!” just to irritate me. However, when I’m observing life, watching TV, reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, attending church, working, tweeting, conducting research, traveling, or studying, I see that it takes more than learning to impact this world. It takes action to live your life as a symbol of love, understanding, stewardship, and benevolence. In life, there are great symbols to help chart one’s journey such as $, XOXO, =, ?. These are important symbols that mean different things to different people. As I go forward with this blog, I hope that this blog becomes a symbol of the pursuit of knowledge that I hope to represent. The importance of this blog is not who I am but what my life has symbolized to me and others!

PlainSpeak (PS): Life is a symbol but good experiences are only as great as what they symbolize to you!


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