A Sign O’ the Times… The power of communication


I am an addicted social media fanatic… My life solely depends on social media such as AIM, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, etc. I mean I even met the love of my life online!! So I consider my life before social media as a type of “Prehistoric” period.

Prehistoric is considered the period where civilization could not document human existence. Oral tradition can not be shared if tribes are wiped out or integrated with others. Cave drawings are not sufficient because they need to be explained for our modern-day understanding. Therefore, if they’re not frozen like in the Encino Man movie… there’s no luck getting an interpreter!

In this blog, I’m not talking about prehistoric cavemen and dinosaurs. I want to discuss the ability to communicate with others. What is more interesting is the power of culture and language to communicate in society. Growing up in Small Town, Ohio, there were few opportunities to communicate with the rest of the country or even the world. Yeah, I had pen and paper but how would I share my thoughts, pictures, music, and sparkling personality without social media and technology! Outside my small town, no one knew I existed!

Switching gears but keep the prehistoric thought as we look at modern age.

Recently Discovery News reported that a new uncontacted group of people in Brazil may be exposed and endangered. Are they prehistoric since they live in the age of Facebook, iPhone, and Kindle? Are they any less aware of the importance of communication and humanness? Should they be contacted? Can they make their own decision to be enfolded into the greater society?

In my opinion, the indigenous tribe is as modern as we are because their culture has survived in the modern age. Although I love being a social media junkie, and believe everyone should, our technology does not make us better nor vice versa. The point is we all need basic things such as food, shelter, water, love, and communication. The tribespeople have their own language which has survived millenniums without much outside interference… That is powerful stuff! Furthermore, the uncontacted tribe should be able to make their own decision about whether to enter our society.

The events of the Egyptian Revolution that was powered and communicated to the world through Facebook is another example of the power of communication… using modern technology such as social media. Yet, for the small uncontacted tribe there is no need to share with outside cultures since their village is their world. Our world is as little or as big as you want to make it whether you are on Facebook or not.

For one, I would be fascinated at how the uncontacted tribe would communicate and/or document their encounters with the rest of the world. Such a life changing event shows the importance of communication and that every story is worth sharing.

From discussing this topic on the power of communication, I’m so glad that I’m pursuing my studies and documenting my process through writing this blog. I want to keep a record of my existence and what I hope to add to the community. I encourage you to also keep a record and consider yourself historic in every sense of the word.

P.S. Speak up because you’re story is worth celebrating.

“… Celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed.”
– Lucille Clifton, Won’t you celebrate with me


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  1. Interesting concept. Am I to believe that if we cannot communicate within our community we may become perhistoric if not already prehistoric. This I believe is based on our ability to communicate outside of our immediate circle. The ideal to record your existence (no matter how you feel about it) can and will leave the world an imprint of who you are and your contributions to society.

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