Who knew I could write Poetry!?!


I am not a poet but I do consider myself a creative person. I simply like to connect ideas, vent, and/or tell stories in verse. I am adding a poetry section to my blog because I like to share my thoughts in as many diverse ways as possible.

Hear is a poem that I wrote while I was studying at Harvard. This poem is about a great program in Cambridge that enables homeless persons to sell newspapers called “The Change” as a job. This program definitely helps our conscience that we are not just giving a homeless person a dollar for nothing but they are providing a service (insert sarcastic tone here). One day I was walking past one of the homeless newsmen asking for a dollar for the newspaper and I just didn’t have cash on me. This poem is dedicated to him.

Feelin Better (Great Vision)

He tried to make me feel better
I had no dollar to give him
So he asked me about my hometown
I became flustered and confused
Trying to help
He smiled
He knew

He knew that I wanted to give him change
He knew I wanted to help
Yet, I have so little to offer
Being a lowly student at such a prestigious institution
And so far away from the familiar

He knew that I wanted to give my all
Staying up late nights
To identify the problems of our educational system
Studying, reading, and writing
Yet, I have so little to offer
Being a young researcher and professional
With few resources

He smiled
He knew
Although he saw a scared young woman
He saw potentially what could be
He knew I cared
He knew that I could make a difference
He knew that I could overcome the many obstacles
To accomplish a few miracles

He had great vision that day
To know that I would fail him today
But tomorrow I will succeed him
His children and grandchildren
The future generations to come

I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again
But God I hope he knows
That he made me feel better


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