What’s In Your Future??


As you know I’m totally intrigued by technology. So, every now and then, I will try to find the latest techie thing. This time I found a cool tool for YouTube called YouTube Create. There I found the GoAnimate feature where I can make short animated videos. I was so excited that I created a video for the college access program, College Success 101 so check it out!

Since the video talked about the future, I’m also sharing a great story that I read some time ago.

This story is about a father who was demonstrating a life lesson to his son. The father showed his son three blank sheets of paper. He took one and drew a circular squiggly line that started from the bottom and in big curves eventually made it to the top. It looked like a big squiggly line. On another sheet, he drew a straight line from the bottom to the top. On the last sheet of paper, he drew parallel and perpendicular lines from the bottom that would go up then left or right and up until it reached the top like big steps.

Then the father asked his son, “Which is the best way to accomplish one’s goals?”

The son answered, “Father, the straight line.”

The father replied, “Yes, the straight line seems like the best way since it goes directly from the top to the bottom.” But he continued, “However, son, life is never a straight line. In life, we have strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and losses. Life is hard work and involves shedding lots of blood, sweat, and tears. BUT, it’s what you do in spite of life that characterizes your life’s journey.

Fortunately, for me, my life has been like this picture with the steps. Yet, it has been entirely different for your mother whose life has been like this picture with the squiggly line.”

The son nodded his head that he understood; yet, the father considered him. “Son, I know you don’t entirely understand right now; but one day you will and I hope that you will look back on this day and remember this conversation.”

This story should ring true for most people. It’s not the destination but the journey that makes life special, unique, and blessed. So I tell this story BECAUSE… With any present decision remember your future goals so learn to explore your options and take life in stride.

P.S. Don’t worry about how straight and narrow your life is… Just live life and eventually you will get to the top!


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