I am not a poet but I do consider myself to be a creative person. I simply like to connect ideas, vent, and/or tell stories in verse. Hear are a few poems that I have written over the years. I am adding a poetry section to my blog because I like to share my thoughts in as many diverse ways as possible.

This year

I knew I would learn a lot this year
I had no idea
That it would be this much
This harrowing
This troubling
This enlightening
This special

I look

At times, I’ll look at myself
In the mirror
Sometimes I see that woman
That my man loves
A few times I see that woman
That my boy and/or girl will call mommy
Oftentimes I see that woman
That family and friends
See as a real and strong individual
Rarely do I take the time
To look outside of myself
And see the woman that God has blessed
Beautiful and living a favored life
More and more I need to look
at all of this
And see

Feelin better (Great Vision)

He tried to make me feel better
I had no dollar to give him
But he asked me about my hometown
I became flustered and confused
Trying to help
He smiled
He knew

He knew that I wanted to give him change
He knew I wanted to help
Yet, I have so little to offer
Being a lowly student at such a prestigious institution
And so far away from the familiar

He knew that I wanted to give my all
Staying up late nights
To identify the real problems of our educational system
Studying, reading, and writing
Yet, I have so little to offer
Being a young researcher and professional
With few resources

He smiled
Because he saw a scared young woman
He saw potentially what could be
He knew I cared
He knew that I could make a difference
He knew that I could overcome the many obstacles
To accomplish a few miracles

He had great vision on that day
To know that I would fail him today
But tomorrow I will succeed him
His children and grandchildren
The future generations to come

I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again
But God I hope he knows
That he made me feel better

Whoopin yo ass

If you want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat – DWB

You might look at me
And see a young lady
But I’ll whoop yo ass
I’m a beast in the classroom
Ready to bite your head off
If you utter any ignorant comment in class

I may seem sweet and innocent
But during discussion
I’ll silence you
Eat you up and spit you out
With my cleverness and cunning
I’m cutting edge cutthroat deep

My intelligence will shock the hell outta ya
I’ve done my homework
And I’ll blow ya mind
Cause I’m that good
Ready or not here I come
Frankly no one does it better
I’ll hit you with the 1, 2 combo
And I just might school ya

I’m the Higher Ed kid
Genius is my name
And fucking you up
With my mind
Is the game

A lower breed of woman

Young woman
– these names ring true
When I’m a lesser breed of woman than you


What can be a better life lesson
Than a woman’s menstrual cycle?
It signifies the cycle of life

Think about it
The “period”
Is preparing women
For the messiness of life

The bloating
Equals the moments where
We’re too big and headstrong
For our own good

The cramps
Equal the growing pains
Hard lessons learned throughout life

The mood swings
Equals the complexity
Of different meanings in life

The flow
Equals the fluidic nature of change
Where one experiences
The good and bad times

Life is messy
For a woman
Signified by the menstrual cycle
It Is a preparation
For the times ahead
So remember
To put a pad on it
And go

Possibly a Hero

I met you today
And I don’t know what I expected
But it was weird
I understand you’re tired
From freedom fighting
And so I just took
A few seconds out of your life
I paid my respects to your contributions and sacrifices
I respect your work and drive
Yet, in that moment of meeting you
I understood that you are not exactly my hero

My heroes and heroines are
the Lorraine Armstrongs,
the Mary and George Betheas,
the Burt and Patricia Ogdens,
The Mother Hennings, etc.
Of my life
Seemingly ordinary people
who have had an extraordinary affect on my life
They have helped me
To be the person that I am today
And just maybe
I need to respect these persons
And the hero inside of me
So that you will possibly meet a hero

How the tides change

The best days
Are meeting people
Who will change my life
In drastic ways
Benefactors, loved ones, mentors
Special people
That have been placed in my life
To fit into the puzzle pieces
Called my life’s story
To help in the journey
People with more power
Than they can imagine
Because they are used as vessels
Touching, healing, relating, advising, comforting, assuring
To do what I need to do
To help others
Like me and different from me
Like water for the body
Such people are essential
To my soul development
Pay it forward

I should never say No!

I’m not right and you’re not wrong
I just have a differing opinion
I don’t mean no…
I mean maybe…
What I mean is…

But I was thinking about it
This way
It’s not about right or wrong
It’s my opinion
mirrored in your perception
that it might be this
more than likely

I should never say no
You think this way
And I think that way
It’s neither right nor wrong
But it sure as hell
Isn’t no


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